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"Vacationing user"
Huggy Bear - 8.08.12, 10:50 pm Post #41: | Reply With Quote
Looks awesome! It will probably have some annoying bugs at first so I will wait at least a month before trying it.
Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 8.08.12, 11:56 pm Post #42: | Reply With Quote
They say that the delay in release has been to work out most of the bugs. We'll see I guess.
Rules are just helpful guidelines for stupid people
"Vacationing user"
Huggy Bear - 8.09.12, 12:02 am Post #43: | Reply With Quote
If they could release it without any bugs it would be monumental. I am definitely looking forward to it though.
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 8.09.12, 2:49 am Post #44: | Reply With Quote
Same here. Sadly, I won't be able to begin the download due to time zone issues. Gameplay will have to wait for Saturday.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
"Experienced user"
Norco kid - 8.11.12, 9:40 am Post #45: | Reply With Quote
Hmmm just downloaded the trial version but it seems I can only do on-road? Is there any way to test offroad for free?
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 8.12.12, 12:28 am Post #46: | Reply With Quote
Nope. You can only run the SCT with a 17.5T on the practice ground. It's borderline insulting to give that to users. (It's about as fast as a stock Dominus)

They did say that they were coming out with a public release off-road track.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 8.12.12, 12:31 am Post #47: | Reply With Quote
You mean one that will be available in trial lisences? That'll be what I'm waiting for.
Rules are just helpful guidelines for stupid people
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 8.12.12, 12:33 am Post #48: | Reply With Quote
Yup. Let's hope it's not boring and short.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
BillDeLong's Avatar
"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 8.22.12, 6:29 am Post #49: | Reply With Quote
A bunch of local racers have started a private weekly VRC racing session where last night was the first time and we had a blast!

Here are some things I've learned:

* The DSC cable that comes with both the FS-GT2 and FS-GT3B radios works perfectly
* You must have the Tx turned on so be sure you have a full charge on your batteries!
* The Free 30 Day trial membership is limited to 2 on-road tracks so you have to purchase either the light or full membership if you want to race the off-road tracks
* The racing experience is extremely accurate and about the equivalent of using "Real Flight Simulator"
* You have to own a "Gamer PC" as the graphics are intense, I met all the min reqs except I was able to get away with a 128MB video card where 256MB was receommended
* There is also an option for "no contact" which allows racers to overlap each other on the same race line without bumping each other off the track, this single feature alone makes VRC extremely more fun than real world RC

I highly recommend this game and feel that it was worth every penny!

If anyone is interested in doing a private URC race, I will be happy to set something up.
Club Racer: SCT + eBuggy + GT8e + GT18e + USGT + VTA + M12
Monster Trucks + Crawlers + Drifters + Motorcycles

crusey_aus's Avatar
"These Pretzels !"
crusey_aus - 8.22.12, 6:31 am Post #50: | Reply With Quote
Free public track is now available, pretty good fun


Slash Plati
Xerun 150, Tenshock SC401 (3500kv)

Gensace 5000mah 40c

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