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BillDeLong's Avatar
"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 6.15.12, 8:36 am Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Sgt. Stinger said
Will try getting my hands on a data cable for my flysky GT2, if it's possible, and THEN jump on the 30 free days offer.
Did you lose the DSC to USB cable that came with your radio?

If so, I've got a spare that I don't need and will be happy to ship to you for free if you PM me your mailing address (assuming you're in the US).
Club Racer: SCT + eBuggy + GT8e + GT18e + USGT + VTA + M12
Monster Trucks + Crawlers + Drifters + Motorcycles

Sgt. Stinger's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Sgt. Stinger - 6.15.12, 3:05 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
Well, no, I bought a branded radio that didn't include the cable, and no, I live in Sweden :P
I might be interested in paying shipping for it if it's not totally outrageous though.
"Regular user"
Xslash insanity - 6.15.12, 3:59 pm Post #23: | Reply With Quote
User Unrelated said
I tried it out on VMware
it's SO HARD!
if driving an actual RC was this difficult I would have given up ages ago!
And I'm quite proficient at playing computer racing games.
Honestly... I don't even know what to say, it doesn't feel realistic at all, the steering is better on my TT-01!
maybe I'm doing something wrong
What were you using for a controller? Keyboards kinda suck for r/c.
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 6.15.12, 7:27 pm Post #24: | Reply With Quote
Xslash insanity said
What were you using for a controller? Keyboards kinda suck for r/c.

Let me change that for you.

Keyboards TOTALLY suck on RC simulators.

The pictures on their FB page look promising. They even had an HPI SC up. Maybe it's the 1/10 4x4 SCT that HPI never made

If it's good, I might go back to a paid membership.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
Evil genius jr.'s Avatar
"Experienced user"
Evil genius jr. - 6.15.12, 7:53 pm Post #25: | Reply With Quote
Just finished building my custom adapter for my Spektrum DX2S. Fast lap of 11.08 on VRC SC test track (on-road)
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 6.15.12, 8:32 pm Post #26: | Reply With Quote
Can you tell me what times you get on Heemstede?

For VRC Pro On-road related talk, why don't we move over here?
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
"Experienced user"
Norco kid - 6.16.12, 12:16 pm Post #27: | Reply With Quote
Is there an option to just buy the game once and play it offline? I miss the good old days when everything came on a hard copy disc and there was no dlc or monthly subscription fees to pay.
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 6.16.12, 8:08 pm Post #28: | Reply With Quote
Sadly, no. They will open practice up once they have enough members but for now, you need an active membership.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 6.16.12, 8:15 pm Post #29: | Reply With Quote
I might try this out. On their facebook page they said that they would maybe have a video next week.
Rules are just helpful guidelines for stupid people
Sunco1's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Sunco1 - 6.17.12, 6:21 pm Post #30: | Reply With Quote
I wish this was a simulator free for all like the flight simulators. Being now confined to bed rest for 8 weeks his would be great for me to play with if it was...
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